Canada gets a taste of Conservatism 1

Largely ignored by the media here in the states, Canada has elected a Conservative majority government.

Stephen Harper has promised to radically alter the relationship between Ottawa and all of the provinces.

Harper is also being urged to consider naming a Western Canadian to the post [Ottawa’s envoy to the US] in Washington. The Bush administration and members of Congress have grown increasingly interested in Alberta’s vast oilsands reserves, and some believe an ambassador from Alberta would be best suited to develop those energy ties.

I read three things from this:
1) Canada is going to lose its national identity & fracture into provincial sects (can you say Bloc Quebecious?!).
2) Harper is selling out & joining with Bush to fight terror in return for good ties with the US
3) The US’s money will soon be flowing into Alberta

How much longer until Canada becomes the 53rd state (after Iraq & Afghanistan, ie. East Texas & More East Texas)?

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  1. Reply Dave McKay Feb 4,2006 11:36 am

    It’s actually a conservative minority government.,_2006

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