Work Antics 2

Picture this:
I walk into the copy room at work. It’s jam packed with 6 people furiously hitting buttons, pulling out drawers, and various punching/smacking of the copier. Every single one swearing under their breath and complaining how it always breaks down when they have the most stuff to do. I walk up and read on the display that paper is jammed in drawer 2. What would any normal human being with the mental ability to read at a grade 2 level do you ask? Why, open up drawer 2 following the handy dandy step by step picture instructions displayed on the colour screen of course!
One of the women then had the nerve to ask me how I did it. Why, it’s magic, and I’m not about to tell my secrets…

2 thoughts on “Work Antics

  1. Reply christa Feb 2,2006 10:29 pm

    you have no patience.

  2. Reply matt Feb 3,2006 11:44 am

    no i just can follow step by step instructions on a colour screen… =P

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