Scam Calls

I dont know what company gave my work phone out when i registered, but I have gotten 6 calls about being selected for a free trip or 500$ shopping spree in the past week. all have included the same thick indian accent, rude forceful “phone rep”, and rediculous premise (free anything these days? seriously!).

how can people be so stupid to fall for this shit?

i’ve started just messing with them though and thats the only thing that gets me through not being pissed off. today’s phonecall went something like this:

scammer: hello sir you have been selected for a free european cruise. i will just need some bank account information for verification purposes
me: i’m sorry but i have no arms or legs so i would not be a very good cruise partner
scammer: but sir the cruise ship is handicap accessible you could still go. just provide us with bank information to ver–
me: i dont have a bank
scammer: how about a legal gaurdian’s bank acc–
me: i’m an orphan
scammer: how are you answering the phone w/ no arms or legs
me: i have robotic arms
scammer: —click—

***Update: Just got call #7 @ 2:51pm.

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