Googled 2

Tuesday, Google announced that they will be opening a facility in Ann Arbor. The facility will deal primarily with Google’s revenue-making Adsense and Adwords. It is projected that Google’s move will hire about 1000 people directly and create about 1200 jobs indirectly.

Google’s reason for choosing Michigan?
Larry Page, U of M alum and Google co-founder, says they sought out Michigan due to the talent coming from Michigan Universities. I don’t quite believe that. I think it has more to do with Granholm’s offer of $38 million in single-business tax breaks over 20 years.

Who really cares how they got here though, they are here. I applied, so I guess I’ll see what happens.

2 thoughts on “Googled

  1. Reply Ashley Jul 13,2006 5:10 pm

    I think this is great news for Michigan and Granholm. She has a job plan that she has laid out for the next 4 years if she is re-elected and frankly i think Granholm is great for the state. It has been a tough road for Michigan but oppotunities like this will hopefully get the state back on track.

  2. Reply matt Jul 14,2006 8:49 am

    i’m not knocking granholm. matter of fact i think this is something she has been working very hard for in a state that has been difficult to turn around economically.

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