The Cabbage Diet Recap 1

I stopped the live updates from the Cabbage Diet Day 2 because a) it was all starting to sound the same, and b) I had a near death experience from the lack of food. I cracked on the 1st full day and ate a salad WITH DRESSSING!

Cabbage Diet

Day 3 dawned full of the prospect of milk & bananas all day, plus the super extra tasty awesome cabbage soup I made. Hell yeah! I cracked by noon and had a Panera sandwich. When I got home at 7pm, Christa was also done with the whole thing. So what would any diet-crazed half-starved human being do? We had Taco Bell.

How do you spell Cabbage Diet?

Christa said she lost 3 pounds by Thursday. I managed to gain 1.
Never again.

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  1. Reply Linda Jun 22,2007 9:22 pm

    At least now you know what starving kids in africa feel like….

    Way to go Christa – Matt how does one gain weight while starving themselves?

    Wishing you guys the best tomorrow! Cheers!

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