I like my music 1

If I didn’t have music at work, I would have killed myself a long time ago….

[12:37] djdefunkt: frisky just dropped
[13:50] mrelectro37: why
[13:51] djdefunkt: you know what
[13:51] djdefunkt: it was just my net
[13:51] djdefunkt: i have been on the phone for the past hour
[13:51] djdefunkt: our t1 dropped
[13:51] mrelectro37: SUPER WEAK
[13:51] djdefunkt: [12:37] djdefunkt: frisky just dropped
[13:51] djdefunkt: thats the timestamp all the VPNs dropped at the remote offices as well
[13:52] mrelectro37: haha. so your notification alert for service disruption is frisky radio going down
[13:52] mrelectro37: thats your network monitor??
[13:53] djdefunkt: yah
[13:53] djdefunkt: whats wrong with that?

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  1. Reply 2sweet4u Aug 22,2007 1:01 pm

    You’re addicted, and don’t need any help.

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