Because nothing clears a hangover better than sweating it out

I know I’ve been complaining the past few weeks about how we have gotten screwed out of a good winter storm at least 3 times already this year, so let me just say “you were right” to all those people telling me to STFU. After getting up at 10am and spending a good couple hours outside in the snow clearing 9″ from the drive & sidewalks as well as helping the neighbors, I was officially cured of the gin hangover I woke up with care of Justin and his Feliz Navidad party (which we left from at 4:30am).

When I finally came inside, C was watching the beginning of The Fellowship Of The Ring on tv. Not being one for edits, commercials, and crappy formatting-for-tv when I have the complete set of super special widescreen extended edition (uber geeky abbreviation alert) LotR movies, I threw the first DVD in. Ten hours later we completed the entire trilogy.


It was worth every minute.

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