I had high hopes for the changes we implemented after the last two UTIs Monty went through. We started up with a cranberry supplement, had the Prednisone dose lowered, switched to distilled water, and implemented an every other dishwasher cycle bowl wash routine, and yet here we are again just over a week since the last bit of antibiotics ran out, with Monty battling another UTI. This time it came on suddenly first thing Sunday morning. I knew something was up when he woke us up twice between 6-7AM to go out, and then it all came unhinged about the time a group of our friends came over for brunch. Fast forward to another trip to the vet (this time the emergency vet doh!) and another course of antibiotics (this time 14 days of 250mg Clavamox 2x/day). The family vet followed up today recommending a urine culture immediately following the antibiotics to try to figure out if it’s something that can be specifically targeted, as well as a sonogram of the abdomen to see if there is an underlying physical issue causing the sudden and frequent UTIs. For now we’re stuck watching him feel like crap for several hours after the antibiotic dose and doing all we can to keep him comfortable.