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Tummy Troubles

Another week, another visit to the vet.

Wednesday morning we were woken up in the pre-dawn hours to the not so soothing sounds of Monty vomiting, and for the rest of the day he seemed overly lethargic and just plain miserable. We called and spoke briefly with the vet and decided that we would forgo Wed evening & Thurs morning’s antibiotic to see if he was having trouble with the Clavamox. He seemed to feel better Wed evening, but we woke up the next morning to the same morning vomit. Once again he had no interest in a morning walk and just muddled around the house, so I put another call in and decided it might be best to switch back to an antibiotic we know he has responded alright with in the past (Zenequin) and see how things went. Thursday night he again seemed better so we were hoping to put this behind us. Friday morning he ate breakfast and took his morning meds and all seemed well, but about an hour later proceeded to send everything back up. I panicked on noticing what appeared to be blood in this vomit, so back to the vet we went. He received some anti nausea (Cerenia) and B12 via injection, an additional daily stomach protectant (Sucralfate), and some bland prescription canned food to determine if the issue continued. Once home he ate nearly 2 cans during the afternoon and evening and still seemed hungry, barking at the spot where his normal food dish sat to let me know he knew it was empty (he’s so considerate).

So far so good today though, he’s had another can of food this morning and a normal poo with no early morning vomiting episodes, and appears to be feeling better.

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