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Someone’s Feeling Better Today

After all the troubles last week it’s very apparent that Monty is feeling much better, and I whould say this is the best we’ve seen him in weeks!
He kept down all of the special food over the weekend (we rolled through a full 4 days worth in 2 days, and he was STILL hungry) and has had more spunk and attitude this weekend in as long as I can remember. Even when he needed a break he was just as content to cuddle with us on the couch for once. Talk about a 360! We ran out of the special food this morning and are getting him back to the dry food he was on before to then transition to a higher protein kibble. I also need to talk to the vet about continuing the Sucralfate longer term as this may also be a reason for the improvement since the digestive system protection it provides may be helping with the damage the Prednisone is surely causing.

Monty felt well enough this morning to steal an empty water jug from the recycling pile and run around the apartment trying to destroy it…


  1. Lauren Bellamy

    yay!!!! So glad to hear/see this!!

  2. Jason


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