Beating The Odds 1

More good news today for Monty, and don’t let the sad face fool you (he still loves car rides, the photo was just post Chemo/Cytosar).

The neurologist has again lowered the Prednisone dose, this time to 5mg (1/2 tab) every other day and hopes to be able to begin lowering the Cyclosporine does to every other day beginning late next month. She made a comment on how quickly he has returned to his old self both physically and mentally, however remained cautious indicating this might be the most dangerous period remission-wise in that there is a 10% chance the GME could come back today, tomorrow, next week, whatever. I’m not sure about the percentage but keenly recognize the possibility and have been keeping a close eye on him for anything out of the ordinary.

In other news my car now officially says Monty has officially gained all of his pre-GME weight back since he finally sets off the seat belt warning sensor in the seat again, and after losing strength enough to jump up on the couch or bed he can now hop his front legs up on both so it’s only a matter of time before we see the frog work his magic again. Also of note it has been 3 weeks since we discontinued all antibiotics and have not seen any recurrence of UTI symptoms, and he can now run, lift his leg for pees, and do the poop-scoot-grass-shuffle almost as well as he used to. Not that I’m watching…

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    🙂 He’s the best!

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