Another Checkup

Monty - 08 Feb 2013

Today was the February checkup with the neurologist and it was for the most part OK, however here was some concern about his CBC results in that the white count was below normal for the first time ever. The doc made a comment that his white count has always been on the lowish side of normal, but never below normal like today, so it was decided not to make any changes to the current treatment regimen and skip chemo just to be on the safe side. I still haven’t seen any physical or behavioral changes that have raised any relapse flags and this is only precautionary to protect his immune system from becoming too weak. Overall he continues to respond and improve but has started to shed an insane amount which is probably due to the combined long term prednisone/chemo. We’re trying to address this by adding an Omega-3/fish oil supplement daily to his meals, so if you enjoyed his bulldog gaseousness before I invite you to stop by again soon… =)

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