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We had been excited to reach the 1 year anniversary since Monty’s diagnosis with continued good news about his status and prognosis. He’s been one of the lucky ones having fought back from the brink of death for 347 days. It’s been a daunting road, draining mentally, physically, and financially, but the rewards during that time have been enumerable and unquantifiable. Unfortunately, it’s now apparent he has suffered a relapse.

All of his current symptoms can be explained by a condition once called Beagle Pain Syndrome, but has since been renamed as Steroid-Responsive Meningitis-Arteritis and recognized as a form of GME.

Beginning Wednesday, Monty experienced acute onset neck pain, loss of appetite, stiffness, change in stance (hunched appearance), weakness, and jaw pain. Thursday we went to see the vet, and started him back on 10mg Prednisone 2x daily with 50mg Tramadol 2x daily to try to manage the pain. We’re waiting to determine the next steps with the neurologist, but the voicemail I just received indicates we will also be restarting Cyclosporine, Omeprazole, and possibly Cytosar. So far he seems to have quickly rebounded with the initial medication, though I have some fear that’s only due to the Tramadol.

We’ll know more soon and will pass it along as we can.


  1. Steve

    Poor little guy! Getting better soon, Monty!

  2. Andi & Pauly

    Get better wishes sent to Monty & for a speedy recovery!

  3. charley can

    he’s gotten better once & so he’ll do it again! i’ll say a little prayer for your son just to be certain.



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