Bottled Water Makes The Fish Sad 6

I have awesome friends.
Thanks to Shauna for bringing this to my attention…

Sad Fish

As I was sipping an Ice Mountain (owned by Nestle) bottled water today at a staff meeting, my colleague informed me that ice mountain is bottled in Northern Michigan and is depleting our natural resources at an alarming rate of something like a BILLION gallons of water a day. Anyways, it’s bad news! River’s are lower, fish are sad, squirrels are thirsty, birds are confused, etc etc no bueno no bueno. I’m sure some of you already have ‘cut it out’ (thanks uncle joey) with the whole drinking bottled water thing, applause for u. For the rest of you and myself included, let’s keep it old skool and use our faucets, it’s just as good for you, studies show.


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