Spring Tornados Bring…

We survived Dallas Tornadopalooza 2012! I managed to snap this at Main Street Garden Park while walking the dog assessing the aftermath.

Good reminder that despite the danger, spring storms really bring out nature’s beauty for the months to come…

Downtown Living

Thought I’d post up a couple of pictures I took while sitting out on our balcony last week so here they are…

Both shots were taken looking northeast. The building on the left is Elm Place which although currently empty was recently sold and redevelopment is apparently in the works. The shorter green striped building is the Mosaic highrise residential tower, and the angular building behind is the Energy Plaza tower.

New Construction 1

In an effort to make the basement a more useful & livable space, I’ve been trying to do various projects and little bits here and there as time allows. So I built a wall. Not only does it have a cool opening the perfect size for beer distribution, but we now have a hidden storage area under the stairs, and DOUBLE the amount of usable power outlets!

Take Your Bike To Work Day 1

So I did it. I didn’t die of exhaustion, get hit by a bus, or *gasp* get overly mocked by co-workers. It’s strangely refreshing to go out and get some fresh air in the morning. Hell, I didn’t even have to drink my normal 3 cups of coffee to get going and motivated at work today. The ride home was a bit more rough, but there really is something to the whole human-power thing that I could get to like…

The Experiment

I’m going to start my great bike experiment and prove to myself and others that its pointless to drive 4 miles to work, when I have a bike. All it took was the gift of a bike, $100, and some of my own elbow grease to get here.
More tomorrow…

The Cabbage Diet Recap 1

I stopped the live updates from the Cabbage Diet Day 2 because a) it was all starting to sound the same, and b) I had a near death experience from the lack of food. I cracked on the 1st full day and ate a salad WITH DRESSSING!

Cabbage Diet

Day 3 dawned full of the prospect of milk & bananas all day, plus the super extra tasty awesome cabbage soup I made. Hell yeah! I cracked by noon and had a Panera sandwich. When I got home at 7pm, Christa was also done with the whole thing. So what would any diet-crazed half-starved human being do? We had Taco Bell.

How do you spell Cabbage Diet?

Christa said she lost 3 pounds by Thursday. I managed to gain 1.
Never again.

Cabbage Diet Day 2 5

Live updates from cabbage diet day 2 – fruits, veggies & cabbage soup only…

Just got to work. I’m starving, and I haven’t had a coffee. No one better talk to me or I’ll bite their head off. Trying to stave off hunger pains by eating celery stalks. Who eats celery for breakfast?!

I’m still hungry. The celery lasted 20 minutes. How are vegetarians not hungry all the time!!!?

Good thing I’m at work. My bowels are very upset with me right now. At least my colon already feels cleaner… Snacking on some grapes now.

Some serious mind over matter shit needs to start happening soon. I’ve never been this hungry in my life. I ate all of my celery sticks, baby carrots, and grapes that I brought for breakfast. I’ve drank my entire 1 liter of water.
<sarcasm>I can’t wait for lunch when I can eat cabbage soup.</sarcasm>

The soup is good. It filled me up decently, but I am having this overwhelming urge to raid the vending machine at work. Even the unidentifiable pastry looking green “Lucky Puffs” are looking delicious.

Hungry again. I sent Christa an email explaining how I feel like a starving kid from a third world nation. She was not amused.

There is an eerie calm in my belly right now. I just ate an apple and finished off my 2nd liter of water today. Round 2 of cabbage soup starts once I get home, but for now I’m out of food.

Cabbage ain’t just for the kraut 1

Let me just preface this by saying, I like food. I like to eat, and I like to eat food.

That’s why when I was notified today that I would be taking part in the 7 day cabbage soup diet with Christa, I was less than amused. As a matter of fact, I was a little ticked off.

But, as we all learn sooner or later, marriage is all about compromise. That’s why I’m going to be taking part in the new and improved condensed version of the cabbage diet (since we only have 5 days to do it to “prepare” for the wedding).

We skipped right to day 2 and had a nice salad & baked potato for dinner tonight. I’m in the process of making the soup right now to have over the next few days, and so far I’m pleasantly surprised. I’ve added some extra special seasoning and the soup smells downright good now, though I’m fearing what an update 2 days from now might say.

Stay tuned…