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Another Followup

Yesterday’s followup with the vet was to check a urine sample to determine if the bladder infection had been knocked off, and it was great to hear that it came back clean. For whatever reason Monty seems to have a hard time with antibiotics in that they seem to make him just seem “off”, so once again we can discontinue antibiotics and hope that his overall demeanor improves.

Our Vet Is Awesome

Not only did they deliver a replacement prescription to replace their mistake, but they included some special treats and a hand signed card with a frenchie on the front from both docs. Thanks Dr Naugler, Dr Johnson, & Katy Trail Animal Hospital, we really appreciated that!

Small Setback

We made another trip to our family vet yesterday due to sudden onset complications from what seems to be a bladder infection. Around lunchtime he began having small accidents every 30 minutes or so around the house, and by our 4pm appointment they were happening every few minutes, heavily stained with blood. Had some tests to see if his kidneys or liver were failing (and the source of the blood) but they seemed to be OK, so we’re back on another antibiotic for a week with a urine retest this Friday. Within two hours of taking the first dose the accidents and the blood began to subside so hopeful this is only a small temporary setback.

3 Week Checkup

Yesterday was Monty’s 3 week checkup with the neurologist Dr Wolfe, and it went very well all things considered. He had another dose of the chemo drug Cytosar, and we made the 1st reduction on his Prednisone from 15 to 10mg twice daily. This is the scary part – slowly reducing the steroid dose and watching for any signs of a relapse…

He didn’t feel very well which is to be expected, but towards the end of the day today he was pretty active. The rear leg weakness we have noticed is still there and may be some nerve damage as he does not appear ticklish anymore on his left paw. More things to keep an eye on I suppose.