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New Feature: That Shit Pisses Me Off (TSPMO)

I’m introducing a new semi-regular blog feature. Every day is a struggle to think of something to write about. Most days I have plenty of 1 or 2 liners that work, but don’t necessarily have enough content to make it worth it. So instead of tossing those ideas out, I’ll toss them on the internets. Win/win if you ask me…

emailWhy the fuck do people include their email address in the signature of an email that they send to you?


Wildlife In Detroit Part 2

chickenSpeaking of Wildlife In Detroit
Just when I thought I’d heard it all, something like this comes along!

DETROIT (AP) – Authorities are trying to determine who dumped more than a ton of frozen chicken outside an old auto factory in Detroit.

The Detroit News reports at least 30 boxes containing the more than 2,000 pounds of sealed chicken breasts were found Sunday afternoon at the former Fisher Body plant on the city’s southwest side.

Source: Detroit News

  • I’m sure it wasn’t Kwame, he’d never let a breast go to waste…
  • Anyone have a good recipe for General Tso’s chicken?

Oh noes, look who opened her mouf again!

Watch CBS Videos Online

This video is only about a minute and a half, but it perfectly illustrates why Palin scares the living fuck out of me. Wonder why the Republicans aren’t letting her out to play outside of her protective sound-byte enhanced teleprompter speeches? This is absolutely cringe-worthy to watch.

I’d like to see some comments from the thoughts of others (especially Palin supporters).

They Make Spellcheck??

My phone rings at work, and I answer as I’m oft to do in such situations…

Phone: How do you spell politicians and officials?
Me: Can’t you just use spellcheck?
Phone: Yes but none of them are in their office right now.