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The adventures of the kids: Monty the Dog & Bailey the Cat.

Josie “Pumpkin”

With great sadness we write that Josie passed away last night. 

She’s had many battles over the years; complications caused by her food & environmental allergies, an Intervertebral Disc Disease (IVDD) diagnosis in 2020, and most recently acute pancreatitis from which she was unable to recover. We know we did everything we could for her, but also that she is at peace in a better place.

We would like to thank Short Mugs Rescue Squad for giving us the opportunity to have spent the last 8 years with her, giving her the best life full of snuggles, poofy beds, car rides, baths (just not if you asked her though), treats, comfort, companionship, and most of all, love.

We already miss her dearly, and she will always have a special place in our hearts.

Bailey “Boo”

Today we said goodbye to our beloved Bailey “Boo”. 

He was first born, our rock, and warm welcome when we would walk through the door. Having been part of our lives over the majority of our relationship he’s brought a sense of calm, stability, and normalcy. He was also very much a party animal sharing in many late nights of trivia, podcasts, DJing, and family games.
Our hearts are broken, but we take solace in the fact that in the end he passed peacefully, surrounded with love.

RIP Bailey
04.01.2001 – 10.11.2019

Final Peace for Monty

Monty was a fighter.

He gave us nearly twelve and a half years of unconditional love, slobber, and smelly farts. He made more than five years out of a two week GME prognosis.

Today the hardest decision was the right decision. Today Monty is at peace.

I’ll always remember him this way: a dog and his boy.

“A boy and his dog” – taken from a Facebook post dated May 13th 2012, two months prior to GME diagnosis

RIP Monty
07.26.2005 – 11.15.2017

Fighting On

You blink and suddenly more than a year has gone by, and what a year it’s been…

As some of you may know, we have been struggling with Josie’s health and well being due to the side effects of her allergies. I won’t get into details here and now, but suffice it to say yeast, fungi, and bacteria all seem to adore her face. At the same time. Yeah.

Josie is a rescue dog, so the extent of her allergic afflictions wasn’t well known. She also has several behavioral quirks that require continual monitoring. Monty and her are not best friends, and they may never be. Sometimes however we catch glimpses and realize how dependent they’ve become to one another.

Monty & Josie 6/17/2015

We continue to fight on to support more moments like this. They both deserve it.

Welcome Josie!


Over the last few months we’ve quietly been searching for a friend for Monty, and are happy to introduce you to Josie! She is a 3 year old French Bulldog rescued with the help of the Short Mugs Rescue Squad. She came home with us today from Austin and we can’t wait for everyone to meet her.

Oh Bailey Boo


The hypoallergenic food trial is officially a failure, and Bailey has lost a tooth. Getting old sucks, doesn’t it Boo?

Over the last month and a half he has three times decided to stop eating the special food we were feeding him after initially having no problems with it, forcing us to start over with something new. The last week we had two vet visits as he pretty much stopped eating anything for at least 2 days, so after injections of vitamins and anti-nausea medication didn’t help we were forced to try an appetite stimulant and steroids. This helped him to finally start eating again only to have us discover he had lost one of his canine teeth, so a round of antibiotics to make sure he healed properly and he seems to be back to his old self again.

It’s amazing how stoic pets can be even in dealing with excruciating pain.

Conversations at the Dog Park

Random Dude: Is that a Boston?
Me: No, French Bulldog.
Random Dude: Oh, Frenchie? [long pause] You know they can’t swim right? [longer awkwarder pause] Their head is too big.
Me: That’s why he has a life jacket.
Random Dude: I’m not the fucking ASPCA, man!

Bailey’s Turn

Bailey - March 2013
Not to be overshadowed by Monty, it was Bailey’s turn at the vet today for his first senior checkup. Yup, our big kitty is now a card carrying member of the AARC at 12! He’s had on-again off-again digestive and GI issues over the years, so fortunately this trip was preventative in nature and not an emergency. Even so, with the sounds he was making during the 10 minute drive to and from the office the ride was excruciating. Dr Naugler ran a full gamut of tests including physical, blood profile, urinalysis, and fecal review, in addition to updating his rabies vaccination.

Many of you may know of the tummy troubles Bailey endures from time to time, be it the constipation, picky eating habits, or vomiting if you look at him funny. He’s always been that way and we’ve learned how to deal with it. We’ve tried good food, bad food, canned food, dry food, raw food, baby food, and even stranger things like boiled pumpkin without much luck in either getting him to eat anything other than certain Friskies and Fancy Feast varieties. He eats and seems happy, but I’ve never been overly excited about what I give him. He also has a bit of an OCD streak when it comes to cleaning himself and has several bald spots because of this. Past vets tried to treat this as a psychological issue with steroids, but this was probably the worst thing we ever did for him as he was MISERABLE and did not last very long. So the news today that the recommendation going forward would be to transition to a special hypoallergenic diet did not come as a complete surprise, but the reasoning for it caught me off guard for what I have been overlooking all this time. The OCD cleaning could be caused by abdominal irritation due to food or food allergy and probably has nothing to do with boredom or psychosis, so I’m either the worst pet parent ever or, well I couldn’t think of anything else because I felt like the worst pet parent ever.

So changes are afoot for Bailey’s diet, and this could get “fun”. First up to taste test are the deliciously named canned foods “Intestinal Low Residue Pate” and “Hypoallergenic Senior Feline”, so wish us luck!

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