What the Great American Health Care Debate Has Devolved Into

A shouting match of ignorance.health care reform

Why can no one talk about health care reform like an adult? Why does every discussion deteriorate into a fist fight within 2 minutes?

I’m tired of baseless propaganda from both sides.

The way I see it you have 2 options:

You can just let Capitalism do its thing — you’ve got health insurance which you pay for so fuck everyone else if you make too little to have an employer insure you. Or you can provide a minimum level of coverage for all — for a cost.

On one side, Capitalism doesn’t give a fuck about anyone. On the other, there is a stop-gap in place for society as a whole.

If you stop and think about it we’re all paying for either option out of our own pocket, it’s just a matter of which pot gets filled.

Sarah Palin Blames Everyone Else

Best part is near the end:
Palin: If I ran as a Democrat you would have seen a completely different Sarah Palin.
Stewart: And all you would have to do is change everything you think.

Oh noes, look who opened her mouf again! 1

Watch CBS Videos Online

This video is only about a minute and a half, but it perfectly illustrates why Palin scares the living fuck out of me. Wonder why the Republicans aren’t letting her out to play outside of her protective sound-byte enhanced teleprompter speeches? This is absolutely cringe-worthy to watch.

I’d like to see some comments from the thoughts of others (especially Palin supporters).