With 11 days left until DEMF, when C requested we go for another cycle of the 17 day diet before we left, being the good husband I am I said “sure”! This was Sunday, so after spending a few hours at the grocery store stocking up we of course had our “last supper” of pizza, wings, and beer before beginning the diet.

Monday dawned full of possibilities and excitement as I ate an egg-white omelet with some peppers and onion and a kefir smoothie w/ blueberries. It only got better from there with a tilapia fillet with some tomato sauce and a side salad for lunch, a bunch of random shove-in-my-face-as-many-as-I-can fruits and veggies through the afternoon, followed by eggplant parmesan and skillet chicken for dinner. So here I am summarizing day 1, and I’m still going to bed hungry (surprise).

Sure it sounds great, and even tasted great too, but those of you who know me know that even on a good day filled with carb splurges or fried gluttony I’m hungry again within an hour or two (it’s a curse, really it is). I wasn’t going to keep a journal because honestly how many times does anyone really want to read me making reference to staving third world children (remember the cabbage diet?), but here I go anyway!